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Posts published in “Issue: March 2022

Redevelopment of the City of Olympia’s Triangle Subarea

Over 100 Olympians signed a letter to City officials last month asking them to honor their promise of “public engagement” in redeveloping a westside land parcel known as the Triangle Subarea. Signers want input in defining the area, selecting consultants, and most importantly, assurance that future development prioritizes affordable housing, public spaces, and green design elements. Current residences, bike paths, pedestrian pathways and existing tree stands should be preserved , they say, and a community center should be included in the plans. Read their letter here.

Community Spotlight — March 2022

Erin Jones at Capital High School ♦ Holding Israel Accountable ♦ Stories of How Art Connects Us ♦ The Automat film ♦ The Nuclear Arms Race in Oak Ridge, TN ♦ Olympia Family Theater Poetry! ♦ Tending This Moment: Community Care and Connection ♦ Infused Honeys, Vinegars and Shrubs ♦ KOUG TV at Capital High ♦ Furnace Club

Prioritizing workers pays off even when wages don’t

Employee shortages and low wages. Supply chain disruptions and business closures. Non-existent benefits and unsafe working conditions—the economic consequences of the pandemic have exacerbated an employment market that’s been in decline for decades. According to the New York Times, corporate consolidation and dwindling labor unions have led to worker compensation…

Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret

BOOK REVIEW: Activist and author Catherine Coleman Flowers writes that it is common for accepted methods of wastewater treatment to be unaffordable for Americans who live at the poverty level. If they are unable to pay for municipal services or a septic system, fines or jail time are just the beginning of the problem. The epidemic of raw sewage that leaks into living areas in and outside homes has been proven to lead to parasites like hookworm. Flowers founded The Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice but the fight for recognition of the problem is ongoing.