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Posts published in “Issue: May 2022

Revitalizing local food one cut at a time

The founder and resident kitchen god at Delmonico’s, “Olympia’s only truly artisan butcher shop,” Brian McDonald, who seems to have found his niche after years gaining experience and honing skills in the culinary arts, the food service business, and related pursuits. He says he got his start at home. “My…

Community Spotlight — May 2022

Olympia Little Theatre ♦ Harlequin Productions ♦ Community Farmland Trust ♦ Solstice Women’s Retreat ♦ Olympia Fiddle Camp ♦ Living History Museum podcast series ♦ Underground Pop Cassettes ♦ Deschutes Estuary Restoration ♦ Parallax Perspectives ♦ Olympia Free Clinic♦ Queer Body Love

Amazon and other corporate climate pledges

It’s easy to make a pledge to reach “net zero.” It’s much harder to create a credible plan to reach that goal and then execute that plan. Beyond mere pledges, are these companies demonstrating real leadership on climate issues by taking meaningful action?

With 750 global bases, US military uses 4.6 billion gallons of fuel annually

The Manchester Fuel Department (MFD) is the Department of Defense’s largest single-site fuel terminal in the United States. The depot provides military-grade fuel, lubricants and additives to U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels, and to those from allied nations like Canada.  Records available from 2017 show over 75 million gallons…

Works In Progress: Transitioning to four times a year

This May issue marks the end of our monthly publishing schedule. We’re taking a break and then beginning a quarterly publication schedule. The next issues of WIP will appear in September 2022, December 2022, March 2023, and June 2023.