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Posts published in “Issue: September 2020

Olympia Port Commissioners rely on lobbyists for a key financial commitment

Port Report: The Port of Olympia in July approved a proposal to develop almost 200 acres of land on its New Market Industrial Campus (NMIC). The new Panattoni Lease Option Agreement (Panattoni Agreement) is fraught with potential negative impacts on the community. There are financial, environmental, public health, school safety, and other quality of life issues at stake.

Thoughts on the theme — September 2020

The theme of this month’s issue, “Hoping, coping, doping, and shopping” comes from a phrase in the book, How Will Capitalism End by Wolfgang Streeck. Streeck argues that we are witnessing the tail end of the uneasy alliance between democracy and capitalism. As he writes, “Democracy was always a problem in a capitalist society. There’s an enormous inherent tension between the two. Democracy is inherently egalitarian because every citizen has one vote. And the rich also have one vote but the rich are only five percent. Whereas in the market, every dollar has a vote.”

“Strike for Black Lives” action wins a victory for Seattle transit workers

Rallying in sync with the July 20 “Strike for Blacks Lives,” over 250 union and community activists picketed King County Executive. Dow Constantine’s offices in the heart of downtown Seattle. They called for immediate action in response to racist incidents at Metro transit bases and other county worksites. They demanded…

Beirut explosion underscores risks of abandoned vessels

The Rhosus was only supposed to be in Beirut’s harbor for a short time. The 284-foot cargo vessel had been en route to Mozambique with her cargo of ammonium nitrate when she made an unscheduled detour to Lebanon to pick up additional cargo. When she arrived, either due to failing…

Then this happened… September 2020

...material from the Olympia police investigation of the 2018 death of Yvonne McDonald will soon appear …there is no “there” there. After taking office, Trump set up a fancy commission to study “voter fraud.” ...Steve Hall takes a fall.

Green sturgeon for tomorrow and beyond

Sturgeon are living icons of estuaries. These ancient fish who have survived unchanged for 200 million years, are now heading towards extinction due to habitat change and overfishing. Two of the 26 living species of sturgeon inhabit the west coast of North America, the white and the green. Before colonizers…