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Posts published in “Issue: May 2021

Mutual aid groups build community in Olympia

Everyone has something to contribute; Everyone has something they need The COVID-19 pandemic response in the US has challenged communities, as local food banks experienced shortages and shelter beds became even more restricted. Confronted by an uncertain and under-resourced governmental response, many communities countered with energized “mutual aid” organizing. People recognized…

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office— a law unto itself?

A February report from Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson reveals that the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) refused to cooperate with an AG inquiry into whether law enforcement agencies are complying with Initiative 940. Among other mandates, the law created by 1-940 requires that investigations of police use of deadly force be conducted by an agency independent of those involved....

Then this happened… May 2021

...left at the altar—again …housing prices aren’t “filtering down …‘trickle down” doesn’t work either! ...the City was not convinced, item 1. ...the court was not convinced, item 2. ...the judge was not convinced, item 3.

There’s a change in the Works

The volunteer Managing Editor of Works in Progress is stepping down after five years. Unless someone volunteers for the position and is in place by August 1, the last issue of the paper will appear in September. To support a new managing editor (if one is in place) we are…