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Posts published in “Issue: February 2021

Diagnosing the 2020 election malady

The author is a veteran of five decades of electoral work. His goal for 2020 was to take the Senate for Democrats. He agreed to work in Montana, a Trump state, but where the popular Democratic Governor was challenging a first-term Republican. He spent the last three weeks before the election leaning into cold winds from the mountains, talking with the dispersed voters of Montana. It turned out the headwinds from the Biden ticket were so powerful that they crushed the life out of the workers’ hopes for the down-ballot race. 2020 ended in Montana with a Red sweep. Here is Jeff’s diagnosis of how to cure the illness before the next cycle

Will the US sign the treaty?

The nine countries that have held the world captive to the threat of nuclear war are losing moral ground to 122 smaller countries that approved the world’s first nuclear weapons ban in July 2017. Once 50 of those 122 approving countries completed the ratification process of the UN Treaty for…

How to submit your writing or art to Works in Progress

Works in Progress is a community resource, so please take advantage by submitting your writing, drawings or cartoons.
Our priority is to focus on stories that are ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media, especially those that relate directly to our mission.  Informed opinion pieces are welcome, especially when accompanied by facts, examples and sources. We like articles or stories or reflections that relate to the issue outlined for the theme, but that’s not necessary. Once we receive a submission we will contact you if we are interested in publishing it.