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Posts published in “Issue: April 2021

Thoughts on the Theme — April 2021 — Why we can’t have a $15 minimum wage or a lot of other nice things

A warrior Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower spoke clearly about the link between our military spending (see the back page pie chart for details) and the reasons we choose to impoverish so many working people: “To amass military power without regard to our economic capacity would be to defend ourselves against…

Then this happened… April 2021

…Mike Kreidler dealt the insurance lobbyists …Our legislators think that cities and towns shouldn’t be allowed to make their own zoning rules. …Ecuador defied the trend …it’s old news, but really. …Speaking of bi-partisanship?

The incident at the Red Lion Inn

What happened during…and after? In December 2020, a group named Oly Housing Now (OHN) formed to organize an action at the Red Lion at the end of January. Days before, President Biden had signed an executive order extending FEMA’s Public Assistance Reimbursement policy to states that provide safe housing for…

Alert to readers!

WIP has received a grant to print book reviews in 2021. How will it work?  Each month we’ll publish a list of books (see right column). If you’d like to be considered to review one of them, email us and put BOOK REVIEW in the subject line. We will buy…

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