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Which policies explain the violence in our streets? Subjecting our police to civilian control … or allowing them to be a law unto themselves?

At the Republican Convention Vice President Pence and others warned that  “Joe Biden would double down on the very policies that are leading to unsafe streets and violence in America’s cities.”

But would he?  First you’d have to recognize the policies that are “leading to unsafe streets and violence in our cities,” policies that have brought thousands of citizens into the streets week after week.

  Let’s list them:

  • Absence of any consequences for police officers who kill black people on the street or in their homes. While parroting the “reality” that there are “bad apples” among the mass of good police officers, the Trump Administration backs police departments that maintain these “bad apples” and even reward them.
  • Disproportionate use of lethal force in 911 call responses involving a black person.
  • Defunding mental health services and public education budgets while increasing police budgets year after year..
  • Welcoming armed vigilantes during protests and treating them as allies of the police against protestors.
  • Escalating the police response to mass protests by declaring the protest a “riot’ and deploying violent tactics against all protestors. Deploying anonymous federal agents to seize people on the streets.

These are the policies of the Trump Administration.   These are“the very policies that are leading to unsafe streets and violence in America’s cities.  .

Read carefully through these policies and ask yourself if they will be the policies of a Biden Administration. Will Biden “double down” on these policies as Pence warned? Or will the Biden Administration abandon these policies and instead replace policing as a law unto itself with civilian control of public safety.  That is our hope.

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