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Posts published in “Issue: February 2020

Vets look to sustainable farming for sustenance

The Sustainable Farms and Fields Program, SB 5947, is a grant-based program that would allow farmers to invest in efficient and effective practices designed to address climate change...

Letters to WIP

Dear WIP, The bankruptcy rate today is 3 times what it was in 1991 for people 65 and over.


Irritated conservative legislator to intense young activist:  “Every college socialist should be encouraged to live under a Marxist regime for six months.” Intense young activist to legislator:  “Okay, then every elected capitalist should be required to live on the $7.25 federal minimum wage for six months.”

Special Events — February 2020

Celebrate Tom Nogler • Orca Recovery • Strengthening Sanctuary • Clean Energy Thurston • Thurston Public Power • Workplace Organizing • Jacobin Reading Group • The Iliad—A retelling • Susan B Anthony • Planned Parenthood • Native American Art Exhibition • Nuclear Weapons Nowadays • The Vote

Community Events Spotlight — February 2020

5G Apocalypse Film • Parallax Perspectives • Civil Survival Events and Game Changer Workshops • Solidarity in Tough Times • 2020 Labor Notes Conference

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