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Works in Progress

Drying my mother’s tears

Socialism is out of the closet and part of America’s everyday life Do you remember where you were on November 9th,1989? That’s the day it was announced the Berlin Wall had fallen. The day is etched in my memory like where I was on February 28 during the Nisqually earthquake…

Joining minds for peace

Friday Stillness announces new hours Friday Stillness is sponsored by Brigid’s Well, a community devoted to contemplative practice, while being mindful of the needs of our Earth and those who are poor and marginalized. We meet every Friday from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm at 1604 Union Ave. SE. Olympia…

Tattoo artist’s evolution marked by respect for Polynesian traditions

Matt Crichton got his first tattoo as a Peace Corps volunteer in Western Samoa from 2007 to 2009. During his two years there he formed a connection to the land, people and culture so when he decided on another tattoo, he looked for one from Samoa. Matt found Tricia Allen while researching Polynesian tattoos and interviewed her by phone about her work.

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