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Works in Progress

Thoughts on the Theme — November/December 2020 — How to politic… beyond the status quo

As mass protests have taken place all over the nation, the images of well-armed and flak-jacketed police facing off against protesters and violently subduing them while remaining encased in protective gear stands in stark contrast to our desperately under-equipped health care workers who have been vainly trying to save as many lives as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Community Spotlight — November/December 2020

Scientists on the Go ♦ Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ♦ West Central Neighborhood Park ♦ Vigils -- not vigilantes ♦ Olympia Tribune ♦ Olympia Mutual Aid Partners ♦ International Migrants Day ♦ Electronics recycling at Best Buy ♦ Orca Books ♦ The Shower Bus ♦ Olympia Free Clinic ♦ International Day of Solidarity

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