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Posts published in “Issue: February 2020

Green Cove Park developer Mahan “declines” the City’s requirements

In his latest effort to implant a housing project in Green Cove Basin, developer Jerry Mahan is refusing to provide information that the City needs to review his application. In a letter from his attorney Heather Burgess to the City, Mahan said he would not do any more environmental testing and demanded that the City complete its review without further information.

Cleaning up contaminated soils in Grays Harbor

Many toxic sites are the legacy from heavy industry of the past including mining, milling, boat building and manufacturing. Much of this toxic pollution was left in our midst years ago, before we knew the impact and before laws were passed that prohibited dumping chemicals on our land, water, or in unlined landfills.

Fort Discovery – The back story

The Pacific Northwest Inlander publishes a story reporting that Fort Discovery’s attorney, Greg Overstreet, wrote a series of 10 dystopian novels called 299 Days using the pen name Glenn Tate. The novels depict the degeneration of the democratically elected government, its violent overthrow by “Patriots,” and its replacement with a libertarian state.

2019: The year of derailments

“Every possible asset trimmed to the bone” The railroad industry is largely “self-regulated” which means that there is no outside agency that monitors safety or anything else, including collecting accident data. Recently the Railroad Workers United (RWU) made a list of “major” derailments on Class One railroads—not including passenger trains—and…

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