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Works in Progress

Immigrants are welcome here

A message to our elected officials Since assuming office, President Trump and his Justice Department have continued to send a strong message: “Immigrants are no longer welcome here.” Cruel policies toward immigrant families have deepened, families and children are separated and imprisoned, people are blocked from applying for legal asylum…

The extraordinary hero of the nearshore tidelands

Walk on most any beach in Grays Harbor, Willapa Bay or Puget Sound at this time of year and you will see green blades of eelgrass, the red raspy-textured Turkish Towel or the pinkish narrow branches of Succulent Seaweed washed ashore at the tide line. It is winter, and many…

“Basewatch” is an avenue to understand US military installations on our doorstep

Discover the physical and human imprint of Western Washington’s military bases with a group of Evergreen students In A People’s Geography of American Empire, students at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington looked at US expansion from Manifest Destiny and overseas imperial conquests, to present-day resource wars. The arc of…

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