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Works in Progress

Mental health in the time of COVID Experiencing grief, loss and isolation

As we enter the “darkest hours” of the winter, each of us copes with isolation, social distancing, anxiety, grief and loss from the effects of the pandemic. Many in this area experience SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, the absence of sunshine. The pandemic has layered new symptoms on mental health issues…

Salud en tiempos de COVID

Nuestra experiencia de duelo, pérdida y aislamiento Al entrar en las “horas más oscuras” del invierno, cada uno de nosotros está lidiando con el aislamiento, el distanciamiento social, la ansiedad, el dolor y la pérdida por los efectos de la pandemia. Muchos en esta zona del país se enfrentan al…

An exercise to shift from fear to calm

We’re all familiar with suggestions for countering occasional feelings of anxiety, fear and depression such as taking a walk, listening to music or reading something uplifting. All are helpful but they may not go far enough in harnessing the power available to us to create a physical shift in our feeling life.

Telephone of the Wind

This telephone from times past appeared mysteriously on a tree in Priest Point Park in January.  It is there now with a sign inviting anyone to make a call – a call that allows you to connect with someone not otherwise available, or to speak your mind, even to connect with your own emotions.

West Bay Woods

Once you’ve walked the streets of your neighborhood more times than you can count, there are two trails on Olympia’s westside where you discover the magical shelter of the West Bay Woods. The West Bay Woods is a special kind of park, on land purchased to protect and restore habitat…

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