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Works in Progress

“The best possible stewards of the land”

The first time all 18 new owners of Skokomish Valley Farms got together, they discovered that none of them had ever lived or even worked on a farm. The structure of the farm was also new: each of the 18 owned a 40-acre parcel in what had once been a family farm in Shelton. What they had in common was a strong desire to be involved in producing food in a way that regenerates the land, sustains the people who depend on it and remains financially viable for future generations.

Retribution or justice?

Is our commitment to our system of justice strong enough to resist the current attacks on it?

No potash export facility at Port of Grays Harbor

It was good news and bad news in Grays Harbor when BHP Billiton announced September 4 that it is withdrawing its permit applications for a proposed potash export facility at Terminal 3 in Hoquiam, Washington.

An ode to volunteers

It is a sensible warning that if you’re going to acknowledge the work of anyone, you have to acknowledge everyone—and since inevitably you will leave someone out, you better figure out another way.

This is the better way we’ve hit upon. We’ll tell you about the three groups of people who, over three decades, have made Works in Progress the unique and enduring newspaper that it is.

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