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The Taliban surrendered in 2001

At a US Special Forces camp near Kandahar, Afghanistan, on December 5, 2001, the Taliban offered an unconditional surrender. They would disband and disarm: a military force would no longer exist. George W. Bush ignored the offer …and continued attacking the Taliban until the end of his term. If only in…

To Charlie

(In 4/4) Listen —a sharp snare cracks A simple rock fill strides down On the toms boom, daboom—boom. Right foot plows the kick—exactly. There’s wild prancing singing up front But built on this groove. Do you ever wonder, How long in the pocket Can one stay? It’s a mystery, Only…


In the last column, I reviewed the movie Imperium based on the experiences of undercover FBI agent Mike German who infiltrated white supremacist organizations, as related in his book Thinking Like a Terrorist published in 2008. Here we shall see how the author approaches the problem of terrorism, in contradiction…

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