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Olympia bans use of tear gas—for a while

The use of chemical weapons for crowd control no longer will be an option, at least for now, for the Olympia Police Department and for the Washington State Patrol officers who work in the state Capitol.

Banned for use abroad but not at home

The key ingredient of tear gas is actually a solid powder. To use the gas, you need a dispersal agent, such as the solvent methylene chloride, to carry the particles through the air. A typical tear gas grenade contains a variety of additional chemicals for heat dispersal of the irritant.…

Juneteenth 2020 (poem)

You died under the knee Of white revenge warlords enforcing imaginary utopian hopes and dreams with The reality of racial capitalism. Carrot on a stick, the White capitalists lure. Conscripting black And white working masses. Selling the false narrative, Commodifying black and brown Dreams in endless spirals. Promising utopias unleashed…

A timeline history of Juneteenth

April 16, 1862: Congress outlawed slavery in the District of Columbia and the Western Territories, paying money to people who considered themselves slaveowners for the loss of their “property.” President Lincoln recommended that newly freed people emigrate to Haiti or Liberia, since he believed that both “races” suffered when they…

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