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Works in Progress

Raise the social cost: an important strategic concept

In the late 1960s, McGeorge Bundy, who had been the national security adviser to Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, in a debate at MIT, said he had turned against the Vietnam War. Bundy said he now favored US withdrawal from Vietnam not because the US war was immoral or wrong or not in US “interests,” but because college students, including at elite schools, were becoming radicalized.

An open letter to city officials in Thurston County

To forestall a looming crisis for renters and landlords, pass an ordinance so that rental debt accrued during the COVID-19 crisis is not a basis for evictions during this time or thereafter....

How to be a cycling lady legend

The romantic image of the solo cyclist first began when cars in our money-driven world supplanted cycling and the clubs that sustained the riders. While today the bicycle seems ready-made for individual characters, if you look beyond the media focus on pros and record holders, you can see that it…

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