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Refuse Fascism mass meeting

September 27 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm PDT

It’s on: The Struggle for the Future
Will it be fascist
Or, will we act on our conscience?
We face a critical crossroads. The hour is late, but not too late. Relying only on our voting will lead to disaster. The Trump/Pence regime is subverting the election now and preparing to nullify it. Waiting to act till they do so will be too late.
Trump’s MAGA mobs maraud around the country in water and land caravans; they murder protesters and innocent people by guns and by their cars. They spread COVID. They are inflamed with passionate reactionary intensity. All for the purpose of rousing their followers and intimidating and demoralizing all who should be standing up for justice.
Now we must act. Beginning Saturday, October 3rd, gather and bring your family, friends, and community into the public squares of cities and towns across the country in non-violent protest unified by the demand: Trump/Pence OUTNOW! And, come back in waves, day after day.
**For the Sunday meeting, we will do a combination of zoom and in-person, with technology so that people on zoom and people on site at the meeting can talk to each other! Contact us for zoom info, 510-926-8144.
The “real” meeting will be at Dolores Park in SF. Enter via the 18th and Church entrance, and there will be signs. The meeting will be socially distanced, wear masks, bring a blanket or chair.