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Community Spotlight — September 2020

Black Leaders in Action and Solidarity in Thurston Co (BLAST)

BLAST is a new collective effort to elevate voices for justice, transparency and respect for marginalized people. Their mission is to dismantle systemic and institutionalized racism in justice and law enforcement, and correctional institution’s and local governments, as well as in public safety and educational institutions, and in housing and health and human service services. They aim  to ensure that all officials are held accountable in fostering true safety and trust in the community. You can find their list of eight demands, presented and explained on their website at


 “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” 

This month the program examines our nation’s persistent failure to provide healthcare for everybody, to control costs and to prevent injustices in billing.  The US spends twice as much per capita as other nations, yet achieves worse health outcomes.

Two guests will explain the issues and propose a cost-effective way to cover everybody with high quality care.  Lynnette Vehrs, from Spokane is a registered nurse and president of Washington State Nurses Association. Sarah Weinberg is a medical doctor from the Seattle area and president of the Western Washington Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program –

Both guests are active in a statewide organization working for Universal Single-Payer Healthcare:  Health Care for All – Washington.

The interview airs on cable channel 22 of Thurston Community Media ( at 1:30 pm Mondays, 5:00 pm Wednesdays, 9:00 pm Thursdays.  Watch the interview and get a summary of the program plus more information at, in the “TV Programs” and “Health Care Reform” categories.

Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson, producer/host at (360) 491-9093  


Writer’s Tea at the Olympia Lamplighters

Tuesday, Sept 22, 5pm – 6pm.  The Lamplighters at 211 4th Ave. E.  Orca Books has a new partnership with the Olympia Lamplighters on their ongoing Writer’s Tea series of freeform workshops. The Lamplighters will open their doors every fourth Tuesday for writers and would-be writers to meet and chat over tea.  Bring your own mug, mask  and thoughts.. The Lamplighters is a creative work space dedicated to providing a productive, quiet, and inspiring environment.


Meet and Greet for Potential Foster Parents

September 23,  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

In Thurston County, there are children who have been separated from their families and need support and protection to continue to grow and develop.  That’s where foster parenting comes in.  You can learn about foster care on line at — or you could just Join staff from Community Youth Services for their next virtual meet and greet with CYS staff and a foster parent recruiter. They offer a fun and educational live broadcast to answer questions on foster care, the process, how to set up your home, first placement, and more.

Listen Up! Youth Voices on Climate Justice

September 26, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  Thurston County Youth Climate Activists tell it like it is in this inspiring webinar focused on taking action! Come listen into the world of young activists and connect through generations on climate change — a problem we must fight together! | Register here: | Have questions for the youth panelists? Submit them here:     .

Close Reading and Long Distance Writing Workshop

This is an intensive virtual writing workshop for October 2020, facilitated by the Orca Books Co-op and conducted by Socorro de Luca.  Students will study the technical skills of contemporary authors, and learn to apply these skills to their own writing. Students will participate in generative creative writing exercises. This is an inclusive workshop and all genres are welcome. de Luca is a writer working with hybrid form. . a Pushcart Prize nominee, a current Goddard College MFA student, and Editor-in-Chief for The Pitkin Review.  Interested writers should email for more information and to inquire about one of the limited thirteen slots for the class.

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