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Community Spotlight – June 2021

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Earth Regenerators Study Group

A study group for restoring planetary health and avoiding human extinction

Want to do more to help regenerate the Earth for all splendid varieties of life? This is a study group about how to do this!  This is a gathering place for people who would like to participate in the Design Institute for Regenerating Earth (DIRE). They come from many walks of life, live all over the world, and are unified in passion for healing landscapes and preserving Earth’s biosphere. DIRE is a project of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution and is built on the principles of gift economy — meaning all are welcome to join for free.  You will find community as we struggle together. Learn frameworks and tools for how to do regenerative design. Discover people and places to collaborate with. And help increase the prospects for future generations — human and non-human alike.

Haki Farmers’ Collective.

Haki farmers are working to create a garden that produces food and community at the urban victory farm they share with GRuB. Interested volunteers and people looking to get more joy out of life can contact them to see when they’ll be working in the garden many days over the summer. The farm is located behind the newly developed Thurston County Food Bank on Martin Way. When you turn into the Food Bank, drive down the hill to the end of the parking lot, a volunteer will be there to greet you!  Address: 7027 Martin Way E Lacey, WA 98516. (See our story about the collective in the May issue of WIP) Find out about dates to go to the farm at:, or visit their facebook page.

Olympia Mutual Aid Partners (OlyMAP)

Mutual Aid Mondays.  Every Monday each month, a group of volunteers bring food and hygiene supplies to an encampment where people without housing are living. Many volunteers cook food and drop it off on site, or bring clothes and supplies from home or churches.  Many volunteers like to stay and get to know our houseless neighbors better.

Laundry Fairies and Do-ers. One of the biggest needs of any encampment is the availability of dry and clean clothes. Volunteers pick up laundry (Laundry Fairies) and take them to volunteers to do the laundry (Laundry Do-ers). The Fairies then pick the laundry up and redistribute it to people in the camps. Each Fairy has designated people to pick up for and coordinates with the Do-ers for locations and times. OlyMAP helps make these connections and provides a basic structure to help complete this weekly task. To help out as a Monday or Laundry volunteer, email

 Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Meets via zoom at 5 pm on the  3rd Thursday of each month..To join the discussion contact  Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093 in advance for the link and the agenda.

Glen’s Parallax Perspectives

Peaceful Foreign Policy

On his June TV program, Glen will interview two guests with smart solutions to persistent foreign policy problems, with insights into the relationship between a top-down foreign policy agenda, and the need for grassroots empowerment with positive overall values. The discussion will address specific foreign policy issues such as repairing the damage Trump caused, military spending, the “War on Terror,” Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, right-wing extremists running governments and more. The interview airs on cable channel 22 of Thurston Community Media ( at 1:30 pm Mondays, 5:00 pm Wednesdays, 9:00 pm Thursdays. Watch the interview and get a summary of the program plus more information at in the “TV Programs” and “Peace.”  Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson, producer/host at (360) 491-9093

Whole Washington Universal Health Care

Initiative 1362

Whole Washington is gathering signatures for Initiative 1362 to get on the ballot. This is a well-researched and thought out program that would provide health coverage for all residents of Washington State. For specific information about what it covers, how it works and how it interfaces with federal funding for medicare and medicaid, visit  Whole Washington – A Universal Healthcare, Single Payer. Small businesses owners who would like to make petitions available at their businesses can contact Whole WA or find a volunteer signature-gatherer. This program is based on the reality that access to health coverage should not be tied to employment or a spouse, or to one’s age or income.

HOST Homes, Together!

HOST Homes is an emerging program for young people who have no parent or guardian in the picture, and most often not even permanent housing. TOGETHER is spearheading this effort and is looking for community support. Host Homes will provide youth-centered case management paired with wrap around support for the youth in addition to help from schools. Host Homes will promote advocacy on needed issues and connect youth with housing and other supportive services. Some supporting local organizations are Community Youth Services, Family Education Support Services, and Pizza Klatch.

Young people without stable adult support can spiral downward and untreated physical and mental health issues, drug use and violence can be on the list of daunting challenges. Host Homes is an investment in the future of our youth, our community and the world. People curious about what is involved in becoming a host home or who would like to increase their awareness of these concerns can access a video introduction to the program by clicking here:

“Strings Attached” Student Art at Capitol Lake

Tuesday, June 1, 8am through Monday, June 7, 5pm

The “Strings Attached” student art exhibition is popping up at Heritage Park on Capitol Lake from June 1 – 7. Don’t miss your chance to visit in-person. Sparked by conversations around the Netflix film “The Social Dilemma,” students in two different art courses created pieces that represent the dangers and costs of social media, as well as re-imagining the app icons for popular platforms around the concept of authentic connection. The students collaborated with SPSCC Counseling and the Art Department.

Prayers for World Peace

Sunday, June 6, 10 am – 11:15 am. Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Center, 211 Legion Way SW

A peaceful, contemplative time in your weekend. Join us for prayers for world peace and uplifting advice on how we can transform our day-to-day life into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Through developing inner peace in this way, outer peace will naturally come about.  Everybody Welcome  There is a suggestion for a donation of $5-$10. The prayers occur every Sunday from 10-11:15 am.

GRuB & GRAVITY Program

Open House, GRuB, Jun 9 and Jun 23, 3:45-5 pm, 2016 Elliott Ave. NW

Are you, or do you know someone who is 16-21 and is thinking about dropping out of high school, or already have? GRuB and GRAVITY partner to offer the GroundED program in spring, summer, and fall. Come and visit the GRuB Farm, meet staff and youth participants, and see if the GroundED program is a fit for you and/or a young person in your life. The program offers support for earning a GED or HS diploma, with additional education and planning for personal success. In GroundED, youth participate in an outdoor education and job training program based on running the small sustainable GRuB Farm in West Olympia. While attending, youth also spend time working on their educational and employment goals with a GRAVITY Instructional Assistant. Youth can earn up to $1,000 in an educational stipend for participation.

The Estuarium – 2021 Meet the Beach!

The Estuarium invites everyone to join volunteer naturalists to discover creatures like sea stars, snails, crabs, jellyfish and more this summer — all available at low tide at various beaches including Burfoot Park, Tolmie State Park, Woodard Bay and Priest Point Park. This free program runs from June to August and helps you get up close and personal with the plants and animals in our extraordinary and unique estuaries.  Look for a bright green vest with the word “VOLUNTEER” at these beaches this month:  June 12, noon-3, Burfoot Park & Tolmie State Park. June 13, noon-3, Priest Point Park & Woodard Bay. June 25 & 26, 11-2, Burfoot Park. June 26, 11-2 Woodard Bay.

June 27, noon-3, Priest Point & Tolmie State Park.  For July and August schedule and more information about this free Meet the Beach program please visit:

Capital City Pride

Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 2 PM PDT – 6 PM PDT.

June 16/17 – Deadline to sign up for streaming.

 Capital City Pride will be hosting a Community Virtual Pride Celebration June 26 from 2pm – 4pmish.

To be part of our virtual pride you MUST sign up and share a talent to be aired and broadcast during our live streaming event. Or tell us your coming out story, SIGN-UP sheets are located at Olylamplighters Creative Workshop Space (211 4th Ave E) in downtown Olympia. Share poetry, spoken work, music, dance moves or whatever your gay heart desires. After the live streaming virtual pride event we will disperse into the night and hit up the variety of Pride events throughout Olympia’s Downtown streets!   Bring your flags and wear your rainbows!!! If you’re a business having a pride gathering that day, let us know and we will put you on our pride map!!!  Happy Pride, friends! Looking forward to all our small, safe covid compliant gatherings.

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