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Posts published by “Scott Yoos Support Committee”

Scott Yoos’ trial “nupdate”

MOST REGRETTABLY, as this issue goes to Press, there is (again) NO new noteworthy (nor very sexy) ‘NEWS’ to report, regarding the spellbinding case of “the State of Washington vs. Scott Andrew Yoos”! Scott is remains a harmless WIPworker, who assists in the editing and distribution of this most noteworthy…

Yeah, the OPD cops still “love” to be bullies, but (finally) there’s some reason for hope!

Unlike its preceding month, October did see some action in the courtroom regarding our long-fought battle for justice! For those readers who are raw newbies, wholly unfamiliar with the traumatic, year-and-a-half old case brought by the Olympia Police against our friend and fellow WIPworker, Scott Yoos (in which they tackled…

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