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Posts published by “Maureen Canny”

Mother Nature

You know She will win. But at what cost? This happening While those playing the The-scientists-are-lying game Rely on those same scientists To figure a way out of the mess That they deny.   –Maureen Canny, retired teacher, struggling to find peace, make peace   


Wanting to hate Half of America Doesn’t seem like a viable plan I dodge interactions I sever relationships With those I suspect Have clearly embraced The evil platform And its slimy tentacles Now wrapping around my flag My cheek is not turning For my granddaughters Will bear the burden of…

Have you no sense of decency, sir?*

Children of my children, Lead me to this fight. Do your children have no children, sir?   You peddle yet another gadget, Offer only salves or charmed potions. Deny the peril of our common plight.   You cloud the real danger, While lingering on the far-fetched. You sleazy fear-monger.  …

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