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In memory of RBG 1934–2020

I was never “enough” to be cool enough or arty enough—never punk rock enough. But when a friend told me never give up. I decided to muscle up and pretend that I am. My conclusion? I am—you are—absolutely everything enough! So grab some pens and paper, whatever you have lying around and get to work. First explore the word ENOUGH. It is defined as adequate, plenty, satisfactory, ample and sufficient.

But for women of the 20th Century—did/do we have enough? RBG didn’t think so.

A win-win for the Port and campers evicted from Port property

On Monday Sept. 14, 2020, a group of people camped on property belonging to the Port of Olympia were confronted by Thurston County Sheriff deputies and a big dumpster: they were to leave immediately. Port Commissioner Joe Downing explained that “the particular piece of land that the campers were on was not an appropriate piece of land, so action had to be taken.”

The extrajudicial execution of Michael Reinoehl

Washington police deprived Michael Reinoehl of two crucial rights, the right to a fair trial and the right to be alive. By killing Reinoehl, the police took on the role of judge, jury and executioner. This illegal role, which has been particularly directed against black citizens after the killing of George Floyd, precipitated over 100 days of rage-filled protests across the country.

“The best possible stewards of the land”

The first time all 18 new owners of Skokomish Valley Farms got together, they discovered that none of them had ever lived or even worked on a farm. The structure of the farm was also new: each of the 18 owned a 40-acre parcel in what had once been a family farm in Shelton. What they had in common was a strong desire to be involved in producing food in a way that regenerates the land, sustains the people who depend on it and remains financially viable for future generations.

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