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Posts published by “Gar Lipow”

Yoram Bauman—the stand-up economist

Solving global warming can be hilarious! Wednesday 30 October 2013 3pm at the Evergreen State College Seminar II E1105, and 7pm at Traditions Cafe, 300 5th Ave SW Yoram Bauman’s presentation on the role of a carbon tax in solving the climate crisis is a lively and enormously funny act…

Pennies for Wendy’s

The “Pennies for Wendy’s” project Gar W. Lipow Why were labor activists on the street at Lakefair, Saturday July 21, asking fairgoers to donate a penny to the Wendy’s fast food chain? Wendy’s is the largest fast food outlet refusing to pay an extra cent per pound for tomatoes. That…

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