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Spiritual and conscientious groundings for doing good work

Glen’s Parallax Perspectives

The February 2019 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” series provides insights and examples for different spiritual and conscientious paths people can take throughout their lives that inspire and motivate them to do good work for peace, social justice, and other meaningful purposes.

We can make our world a better place—and improve our local communities too—by drawing upon intangible motivations to inspire and guide our efforts. Many people do good work because they are moved by motivations grounded far below the merely practical level. People who work hard to help humanity and our environment might refer to conscience—or religion—or spirituality—or other meaningful groundings that inspire and guide their efforts.

Three guests—Selena Kilmoyer, Bob Delastrada, and Carol McKinley—share their personal stories of faith journeys and personal efforts to promote peace, social justice and other goals for a better world. (I also share just briefly how my own faith journey has moved me to do the work I’ve been doing since the 1960s.) Our three guests live in Olympia now, but all came from elsewhere. Their journeys have been not only geographical but—more importantly—spiritual journeys that have grounded them for their positive efforts to help humanity.

The end of my blog post (see below) offers some of the many sources of information.

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Everyone everywhere can watch this interview—and/or read a thorough summary of what we said—through the “TV Programs” part of my blog, Each program and thorough summary are also posted to one or more categories listed on the blog. In this case, they are also posted to my blog’s “Religion and Spirituality” category.

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