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Works in Progress

Replace simplistic “national security” with true security

Glen Anderson is proposing a “wise alternative” to the status quo. In the above table he sets out the basic distinctions between TRUE security (in the middle column) and the status quo assumptions about “national security” (in the column on the right).

Thoughts on the Theme: Fall 2023 — For the love of news

When they got an invitation to a Wrap Party celebrating and saying farewell to Works in Progress, a lot of people expressed shock and dismay. There were two kinds of people: the ones who said they loved the paper and would miss it, and the ones who blamed current WIPsters for “shutting it down.” But the former? Let’s take up their cause. Why do they love WIP? Let us count the ways...

Community Spotlight — Fall 2023

Hidden Histories ♦ Oly-Rafah Solidarity Mural ♦ Harvest Festival ♦ Orca Recovery Day ♦ Visioning & Art in the Forest ♦ Punk Rock Flea Market ♦ Books, Brownies & Beans ♦ Women's Lib Book Club ♦ Headless Mumby ♦ Bridge Music Project ♦ More...

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