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Letters: Just one thing

The Vax article was well written and insightful. However, there is one nuance that I had difficulty in separating from the “cult”. I have an issue with the fact that some injectables are preserved with compounds of mercury. When I last had my tetanus shot, the doctor belittled me for asking whether the vaccine contained mercury. Fortunately, the nurse discretely inquired. She found that because my injection was from a vial for my use only, it was not preserved with mercury compounds. Vials intended for multiple recipients might have been.

Surely, the mercury compounds used to preserve injectables are tested safe? Maybe they are only deemed safe in comparison to the alternative of not taking the vaccine. Surely there is no other preservative available. Why not?

It is true that some compounds of mercury are more toxic than others. It is not always clear what happens to these compounds when they pass through biological pathways in the open environment, or more pointedly, through our human physiological pathways.

Voluntarily placing mercury into the human body is a throwback to a past era. (Have you heard of Dr. Rush’s Bilious Pills?) When I get my vaccinations, I  choose to abstain from mercury.


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