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Sylvia Smith

The American public has a complicated view of global warming – most believe it is happening, but most do not think it will seriously affect their way of life and many do not attribute severe or unusual weather events to this phenomenon. While a majority view the reported seriousness as generally correct or underestimated, a sizable and, since 2009, heightened percentage see the threat as generally exaggerated.  –Gallup, March 17, 2014


More important than what was put into the Murray-Ryan deal, is what was left out

In mid-December I went online to find out what the highly celebrated Murray-Ryan (or as the Republicans like to call it, the Ryan-Murray) bi-partisan budget deal involved.  I ended up spending hours day after day, locating bits and pieces; no one article told it all or even came close.  For brevity’s sake, neither can I, but I think this piece hits many of the important aspects. 


For the Community Sustaining Fund


Given the newness of genetic manipulation, direct effects on human health can›t possibly be completely understood. And the ecological processes run contrary to nature. Genetically modified salmon, for example, can breed with wild salmon with unknown effects. The risks are incalculable.

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