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Bethany Weidner

Olympia’s planning department keeps a constant eye on bringing in tax revenue

Do you look around Olympia’s Westside and wonder why, after 20+ years of “comprehensive planning” it’s still all about cars?  How is it that developers have been able to crowd the freeway exits with “destination retail”; line the arterials with fast-food chains and drive-in banks; add fortress-like drugstore complexes next to strip malls; clear the remaining stands of trees for more national brand stores—and surround them all with a sea of parking lots?

The Failure of Accountability in the Approval of a Proposed 7-Eleven Project on the Westside of Olympia 2011-12
Below are links to the 41-page report on the defeated Westside 7-Eleven proposal that Bethany Widener presented to the Olympia City Council on October 10, 2012 . The report is divided into four parts. Part I is an annotated chronology beginning with a conference between the staff and the developer, and ending with Judge Sutton’s decision. Part II details the issues raised by staff performance. Part III offers recommendations to remedy the problems identified. Part IV is an appendix with relevant passages from City documents referred to in the report. In addition, attached as  711Reimbursement.pdf, is the request Dan Leahy presented to the Council asking for "a $6,765 dollar reimbursement for the ninety community members who funded" the campaign against the proposal.

Part I - Annotated chronology
Part II - Issues raised by staff performance
Part III - Recommendations
Part IV - Background material

Leahy's request for reimbursement

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